IPL as a hair removal method and hirsutism - Review

by - Sunday, April 09, 2017

Having hormonal imbalance also means dealing with hirsutism, which is excessive body and facial hair in women. I am one of those women. This post is about why I prefer using IPL technology as my hair removal method.

Now I have tried everything. I started out with a razor. Shaving is the worst option for women suffering from hirsutism. I would shave my legs in the morning, and by nightfall I'm as hairy as a gorilla again. And my hair were also so thick, the blades needed to be replaced more often. So for me this was a no go.

Then I have tried waxing. First I tried going to a professional. They said waxing is a once a month thing. Not for me. I could grow a beard within the first week after waxing. By 2 weeks, my legs and arms are full of black thick hair again. Not to mention the cost and having to get undressed in front of a stranger. Then the beautician recommended I try the laser method. I asked around her customers, they were all satisfied with the results, so I took the plunge and shed a lot of cash to try it out. Even after 6-8 sessions, quite surprisingly my hair growth got worse!

So I dumped the beauty parlors altogether. For years I have been using various epilators for legs, arms, armpits, and face, and Moom wax for the bikini area.

Moom Wax

Moom wax was great. It's less painful than any other wax products, it's organic with natural ingredients, and the hair regrowth wasn't as bad as with normal waxing. The only thing that bothered me is the cost, the mess and the effort required to use it. (Especially when you have young kids, because either you will lock yourself in the bathroom and leave them at the mercy of God, or wax in front of them and risking them mistaking it for honey and trying to taste it. Yup, that happened!) Which is why I used it only for my private area, and the rest of the body with the epilator. It wasn't working good in removing my facial hair anyways.

For years I preferred the epilator due to the low cost (despite the fact that I had to replace the machine every 2 years, because as I said, hirsutism = long dark thick hair), and the almost no mess at all. The pain didn't bother me as much because, hey I gave natural birth to 2 kids, if I could handle that, I can handle some prickly sensation of getting my hair pulled. I have tried Braun and Philips products. Due to the fact that I need to replace them every couple of years, no matter which ones I buy, I stuck with the Philips Satinelle series which you can see here. It's low cost, gets the job done of removing all the hair, it's less painful and surprisingly more faster than the Braun epilators. It also lasts a bit longer. Braun epilators only lasted about a year and I was always buying the more expensive and newer models.

The huge problem with epilators though? Ingrown hair. I get that with waxing and razor too, but with the epilator is so much worse, as they turn into pimples or worse, boils. They are painful and disgusting. And I get them despite the fact that I epilate right after the shower, exfoliate my skin on a daily basis, applying aloe vera lotion right after the epilation and wash the epilator head after use. I have researched and tried a million ways to get the ingrown hair reduced to no avail.

So finally I found these amazing but expensive IPL devices. It cost me around €400 for the Braun IPL Silk-Expert.
Braun IPL Silk-Expert device

I bought it 6 months ago. They say it provides permanent hair removal, and after 6 months of use every single week, I'm almost there in accomplishing that goal, for the first time in my life.

I use it everywhere, my face, armpits, arms, legs, even my whole private area. It doesn't hurt at all, doesn't make mess (or noise, unlike the epilator), and the results are amazing. On most areas, I am literally hair free, and whatever 1-2 strays of hair here and there I have left are not visible at all. I can't even feel them.

So why did I choose Braun instead of Philips? In some parts of my body, the skin color is different than the rest of my body. As you make contact on your skin with the device, it automatically detects the skin color and adjusts the intensity of the pulse light. With Philips, you have to do that yourself manually. So with Braun, you know it will work as it should be, without burning you in the process. I also read the reviews on Amazon and it was the only device that didn't have any negative reviews. Only plentiful of positive reviews. If it doesn't work for you, either you have an African-American skin (doesn't work on really dark skin types) or you are not using as per instructions.

Speaking of instructions, I loved the fact that I could download its free app for my iPhone, and not only you get full instructions and videos on how to use it, it also has a calendar with reminders and scheduling of your sessions. This is a must if you are determined to have permanent hair removal. 

The app suggested to do the treatments every single week for 3 months, preferably after shaving or epilating. Some people say you should only shave the area, instead of epilating / waxing, but there's no way that I was gonna test this product while going back to the awful shaving days. So I epilated instead. Still worked great. You need to make sure your skin is dry, clean and hair-free before you use the product.

I used it religiously for 6 months every single week instead of 3 months. Some women noticed amazing results from the first use, but if you are suffering from hirsutism like I am, or you have a little darker skin, then it will definitely take more time to work. After your initial 3-month or 6-month treatment (or whichever time it takes for you to see the results), then you can set the app to remind you for the maintenance treatments, which they are once a month for a few months, and then I'm guessing once every 3-6 months or a year, depending on whether you see any hair still growing. 

It took some effort on my part to make sure I did the treatments every single week, but I no longer have ingrown hair, in fact I believe my hirsutism is completely gone, now I feel like a woman again. Most of the times, I don't even remember when was the last time I used the epilator (used to be once a week). My facial hair (beard etc) is completely gone. I'm also not using or purchased any Moom wax ever since I bought this device. 

My life right now is with no body or facial hair, no mess, no time wasting on hair removal, and no more costs for it either. This is definitely the best invention ever for hair removal. You can use it anywhere on your body or face (except your eyebrows, duh! You're gonna lose them and go blind too). I remember the days where I tried the No!No! Hair removal device, that was a complete joke compared to this one. And the sessions with the Braun device finish very quickly compared to any other hair removal method.

This is a hair removal method I recommend to everyone, regardless of which device you buy. It's more cost-effective than any other hair removal methods with amazing results, without any side-effects or pain.

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