Collins Easy Learning for Preschool Review

by - Wednesday, April 05, 2017

Harper Collins Publishers Ltd are a UK publishing company that provides UK and International curricula for schools and parents. It can be an amazing resource for UK and European homeschoolers. In fact, we are using Collins Easy Learning for Early Ages as our main curricula for preschool and kindergarten this year.

Not only they have an amazing variety of high quality textbooks for all subjects, (including Math for Europeans with the Euro currency and metric system etc) but also come with Instructor / Teacher Guides, and it is very structured. Their prices are also very affordable.

Collins Easy Learning Writing Cover

In this post, my review will be for the Collins Easy Learning Writing for ages 3-5.

Straight Lines
On the first page on your left, you will find instructions, guidelines and tips on how to teach your child. Then they start off with pre-writing skills. My children do 2 pages a day from this textbook.

On the bottom of each left page, you have instructions and tips on how to deliver the lesson for the day. On the bottom of each right page, the kids get a summary for what they did today to trace. With these books, you always want to start off from the beginning going onward as the lessons are in order.

Letters tracing

As you can see from the pictures, they are beautifully designed with plenty of colorful illustrations and joyful activities. Both my 4-year old daughter and 6 year old son love these books. Some of these books also have activities / learning-while-playing ideas that might require other materials as well (such as scissors and glue, seeds for planting, dice, etc), so even though most of the time you can just open the books and start teaching right away without prepping, if you want to do the extra activities, you might want to check them out a few days earlier to prepare all the materials you will need.
Picture Match

 The last lesson has them writing the full Alphabet. On some workbooks, you will get the answers of each lesson (like for Math) at the end of the book. In this book, kids get a certificate award as well for finishing the book.

Although this book says "ages 3-5", don't worry if your preschooler doesn't get it yet. You can either keep trying (not forcefully) or you can wait another year until they are ready. My son loves doing 2 pages a day on a daily basis, my daughter it depends on her mood, sometimes she doesn't want to open the book at all, and some times she finishes the whole 25 pages of it in one go. Even though it looks pretty well structured and organized, don't expect your little ones to be like that too. The important thing in this age is to make learning fun. And if you need to repeat these lessons again, you can buy a couple of these books. For only €3.76, this book is quite affordable, especially if you buy it from here with free delivery worldwide.

I hope I have provided a good review and helped you decide whether or not this book is suitable for your homeschool. I will keep providing more reviews for the other Collins books as well in the near future.

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