Wipe-Clean Workbooks for Preschool

by - Tuesday, February 21, 2017

So, since I wasn't satisfied with my previous curriculum, in which I had to print and print and print, I decided to just buy a few workbooks and read-alouds. After all, it is kindergarten and preschool, it should be fun!

My children enjoying their new workbooks
Since I decided this time I will homeschool both of them at the same time (that's how they prefer it too), I thought I should start at the level of my youngest.
So I bought some read-aloud stories which I'm still waiting to be delivered, some Learn How to Read books (which I will cover in the next post sometime this week) and these very nice wipe-clean activity books.

The series is called Learn to Write, by Belinda Gallagher, published by Miles Kelly. I got a bunch of them. They have the Alphabet, Numbers, Colors and Shapes, Dinosaurs, Trains, Bugs among other concepts / subjects.

My children are fascinated by it, especially the youngest one. Once you show them how to write, you just give them these books and let them write away. My daughter just keeps on writing until the book is finished!

They are of very good quality, with lots of illustrations and words. In these books they don't just write, they also draw the outline of the pictures, match them, follow the trail and counting! I really really recommend these books for children of 2-5 years of age who are just starting out with homeschool, because these books are really fun look at and write on. And don't worry about how much they do, at this age, just give it to them and let them write to their heart's desire, however they want.

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