How I stay sane with the house cleaning

by - Monday, February 13, 2017

Deciding to homeschool the kids means that we have to get organized in all aspects of our lives in order to make it work. One of those is the house cleaning.

My little ones are at the age of constant mess and mass destruction, but I still manage to have a tidy home and ready for any unexpected guests as well. This is my personal routine for our 2-bedroom apartment rental. We used to rent a 4-bedroom 2-story house as well, and that meant adjusting the routine to double-rooms per day, 7 days a week, rather than this 1 area a day 5 days a week schedule.

Needless to say, cleaning a 2-bedroom apartment is a breeze now. Hope that this information will be of some use.
  • Mondays: Deep cleaning of master bedroom. That includes dusting and floor sweeping and mopping. On a 2-story house, you can clean 2 bedrooms, or the master bedroom with the en-suite bathroom.
  • Tuesdays: Deep cleaning of kids bedroom.
  • Wednesdays: Deep cleaning of both bathrooms. Includes floor sweeping and mopping, toilet-sink-bathtub scrubbing, mirror cleaning etc.
  • Thursdays: Deep cleaning of kitchen, store room and corridors cleaning. On a 2 story house I included the stairs as well.
  • Fridays: Deep cleaning of living room and balconies / verandas. Includes moving the furniture to get whatever can be stuck underneath. Makes for good exercise. I clean the living room on a Friday on purpose, so that if any guests drop by on the weekend, the living room will be the cleanest room.
Laundry is done as soon as the basket is full (makes for a good 2 cycles). Then clothes are folded, ironed and tucked away as soon as they are dry. I use a front-loading washing machine, and if you have little ones, a tumble-dryer is amazing!

Spills and messes on kitchen counters, tables, floors is cleaned immediately. While I wait for a meal to be cooked, I clean the area, dishes etc. Full cleaning of kitchen counters, stove and oven as soon as I am done cooking. (It's almost like getting rid of evidence that I even cooked lol!) 

I wash the dishes immediately after we are done eating. That way the stains are still fresh, not dry or hardened, less scrubbing that way, and I wake up every morning to an empty sink. I never used a dishwasher, always managed without it. 

Kitchen appliances are cleaned as soon as I see them dirty. Or you can dedicate a day for each appliance for deep cleaning.

I keep the kids' toys to a minimum and things that they really like to play often. They don't need all the toys in the world. Legos and puzzles are picked up and put away out of sight as soon as they are done with it for the day. Our sofas have that leather type of fabric, so that stains can be easily washed off with a sponge and a kitchen cloth. My little one likes to draw on the walls, I clean it the same minute and make her watch me what I'm doing, that helped her to stop doing it, and just keep her drawings on the paper.

If my little one spills something, I give her a kitchen tissue to clean it herself, and give chores to my oldest one. As soon as you see them that they want to help you, even if you think it will take forever or they will make more mess with it, just let them help you. Build the good habits early, they will get up to speed at some point.

I know it sounds like a lot (or like I suffer from OCD lol), but I prefer to clean as I go, with 5-minutes here 10-minutes there sessions of cleaning instead of waiting until everything piles up or the house looks like a hurricane passed by (easy when you have kids), and it's good for your body to stay active, and good for your mind when you are surrounded by a tidy place. 

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