Complete Curriculum All Aboard for Kindergarten Review

by - Tuesday, February 14, 2017

About a year ago, I saw a special offer from Educents about a full secular curriculum for all grades for only 94 US dollars. What? That was also around the time I started homeschooling.

It intrigued me. All grades from K-12? The price tag was good, and I thought if the curriculum is also good enough, I'm set for life! So I bought it.

I've used about more than half of the kindergarten level material, and here's my experience with it so far.

It's in digital form as PDF files. It comes with Language Arts, Math, Science, Social Studies, in both Student version and Teacher Version. Although you need to read the Teacher's guide for the lesson planning and science experiments, you will mostly be printing it out from the Student's version, as the answers are provided on the same page as the worksheets in Teacher's version.


Their Math subject was good. I liked it. It includes numbers tracing, counting, basic concepts such as patterns, time, currency, first-next-last etc. Other than the currency which is the US type and I had to make the worksheets for Euro currency from scratch (more details on a separate post), the material overall was good.

Language Arts

LA was also satisfactory. The Teacher's guide has plenty of activities and explanation (rhyming activities, family word activities, phonics, sight words, etc). There is a reading material with nice illustrations, which helped my son to learn how to read and improve his speech at the same time, and handwriting worksheets.


Science was a bit of a disappointment. On both Science and Social Studies guides, they recommend a few books, which you need to have on hand for the lesson. They also have science experiments which you need material for, although some of it is already in your kitchen. So you need to be prepared weeks in advance for Science. We didn't have a library near us, and ordering them online or going to a bookstore at the last minute seemed like a hassle, so I just searched on YouTube for the required books and kids had a read-aloud from the videos. My disappointment was that they would fill the PDFs with pictures, but they would not provide a lot of text (maybe only a sentence) nor an explanation in Teacher's Guide, so I definitely had to supplement a lot in order for my son to grasp the concepts. It felt kind of empty. As you will see from the picture below, the whole lesson was about reading from a book they recommended (which I could not find for some reason). All they had for that day was this picture. Not good.

Social Studies

Social Studies was a bit awkward. There was definitely more than one sentence for the reading material (unlike Science), and some of it is great, it explains about caring for other people, or the student's responsibility at school (it has too much of a classroom setting reading material), and then out of the blue the next lesson is about US government type stuff (see below picture). I liked parts of Social Studies (teaching about maps, or months, days etc) but there was also a lot of boring lessons (remember, this is kindergarten level) about the laws of the US government etc, which we had to skip of course, since not only it doesn't apply to us Europeans but also I don't want my kids to hear me read a bunch of things they are too young to understand. They also had dedicated lessons for Thanksgiving and other Christian holidays (if I haven't mentioned it, we are not Christians). So much for "secular".

So why exactly did I stop using this curriculum?

Number one reason: it's too much to print. The color laser toners cost a fortune, and half of the material was not even worth it.
Second reason: Not as secular as I expected it to be, and it's too Americanized.
Third reason: Although they named it Complete Curriculum, it's far from complete. You have to supplement a lot.

Would I recommend this curriculum?

If you are just starting out in homeschooling, and you need something inexpensive and easy to setup so you can at least try out and see if homeschooling is for you, then the Language Arts and Math subjects of this curriculum are great. I will only suggest... I discovered that recently they added a printed version of this curriculum, so you don't have to waste money on expensive printers and inks/toners to print the whole thing out, so it will probably be cheaper to buy it printed if the shipping doesn't cost too much depending on where you are located. Otherwise, if you are that far from US, buy it in digital form and print only the student worksheets and reading material, and just read the Instructor guide on your computer.

But if you are already deep and serious about homeschooling a European family, and you don't want to supplement all the time, then I wouldn't recommend this curriculum. You can view the curriculum from Also check out their other homeschool material. They have a lot of freebies as well.

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